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SEO and web development are two essential pillars of a website-building process. Both are just equally important for a website. Many aspects of web development can influence the SEO of a website directly. Unquestionably, SEO is a valuable part of building and running a successful site. This is the main reason why web developers keep SEO in mind as they work. If developers will consider SEO as a key consideration from the start, then it will offer benefits including:

  • A website will perform better from the starting
  • If a site is built with SEO in mind, then it becomes easier and more effective than attempting to fix issues after the point
  • It will provide a more cost-effective way to develop a site for SEO right from the beginning

Keep in mind, the success of a website is not about SEO vs. web development. In fact, it is about using SEO and web development in synchronization together. So, professionals at Rapid Web Track understand the severity of both web development and SEO for a site. This is why they make both work together.

Understand how web development can enhance SEO 

Now you know it is important to implement both together. Let’s discuss how web development can boost the SEO of a site:

  • Considering speed a top priority will enhance the user experience. There are many ways to optimize web speeds such as optimizing images, performing regular speed tests, minimizing external scripts, and keeping CSS and JavaScript files as short as possible.
  • Website security must not be neglected, which Google really values. People want to visit a trustworthy site and Google also neglects the insecure site that will harm the site’s SERPs rankings. Keeping web software updated, implementing security measures, moderating comment spam, and regularly scanning for malware can help you enhance your website’s SEO.
  • Make sure there will be no duplicate content issues on your site. A web development team at Rapid Web Track can resolve these issues by including 301 redirects, implementing canonical tags, and using Google Search Console to eliminate duplicate URLs.

So, understanding how both work together is a crucial element of any digital marketing strategy.

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